Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blind Bay BC Lake Side Portable

Blind Bay a hidden paradise in Shuswap BC. We took a 4 day weekend and headed up to a buddies cabin on the lake. It was about 20 feet from the lake and such a great location. We left Vancouver at 4:15 PM Saturday night and arrived just before 10:00 PM. I surveyed the site for trees only to discover I would have to cross over top of the hydro lines. This is a bad idea so I abandoned that and started to look for alternatives. I spoted a flag pole right by the lake. I lowered the flag and tied a 10 foot piece of line to the ring that the flag snaps onto and the other end on my End Fed antenna. I raised the flag and could sware I heard taps playing in the background. I setup the IC-703 on the deck and hooked up the coax, key and headset. WOW I was hearing all kinds of VK stations booming in with 10 over 9 signals. I spent most of the first night chasing DX. I even made c contact with Hawaii.

I was so happy to get a 4 day break and to enjoy it on the lake with warm sunny days. We had some great sunsets which the XYL took many pictures of. I was fixated to the radio and all of the DX I was hearing. With a noise floor of S1 it did not take a strong signal to hear it at my end. I even heard Malaysia, which is a first for me from any location.

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  1. Very cool James- sounds as though the trip was both relaxing and fun. I do appreciate the EndFedz mention- and links.
    And you are correct re the sloper- gain in the direction of the low end.
    Dale W4OP